What is AMR and why is it important for Investors?

ESG in 10 Podcast: Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), What is it, and why is it important for Investors?

This podcast was originally published on our partner Fidante’s website.

Antimicrobials, especially antibiotics, have been vital in saving lives and improving life expectancy. However, rising antimicrobial resistance poses a significant threat, emphasising the importance of responsible use and research into alternatives.

Moana Nottage joined Fidante’s ‘ESG in 10’ podcast to discuss her research into Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and the importance of integrating AMR as a factor into the investment and stewardship process.

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In this short 3-minute video, Moana Nottage, and Elfreda Jonker discuss antimicrobial resistance and why it is becoming an emerging ESG consideration.

This report explores the ESG considerations related to AMR and the importance of stewardship and company engagement in the healthcare and food sectors to address this risk.