Moana Nottage

ESG & Sustainability Analyst
2 years experience
Areas of Speciality: Sustainability

Moana is an ESG and sustainability analyst at Alphinity Investment Management who contributes to active integration of Environmental, Social and Governance into the investment process. She conducts research and data analysis on typical ESG topics, and also considers the implications and opportunities of various sustainability issues related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Moana takes part in thematic research (e.g. modern slavery), product development, company engagement and monitors ongoing ESG risks with a focus on global stock and sector analysis.

Moana joined Alphinity in May 2020 as an intern to support the global team and in June 2021 moved into a full-time role working across domestic and global funds. She has an active role supporting the Sustainable Share Fund Compliance Committee and assists in the governance and research associated with the global and domestic sustainable strategies.

Moana has a Bachelor of Science and Commerce from the University of Sydney, with majors in Biology, Environmental Studies and Finance.