Sustainable Funds

We seek to invest in companies which have a net positive alignment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, exceed Alphinity’s minimum ESG criteria, and offer attractive prospective returns. Details on our assessment methodology can be viewed in our Sustainable Investing Fact Sheet.

Our Sustainable Compliance Committees include two external reputable independent experts and are responsible for overseeing the investible universe and ensuring that each Fund stays true to its charter. We apply the same disciplined investment philosophy of looking for earnings leadership in this focused sustainable investment universe.

These Funds exclude a range of activities which we view as incongruent with the SDGs. Excluded activities include fossil fuel production, alcohol production, and controversial weapon manufacture. A full list of exclusions and the relevant revenue thresholds can be viewed in the respective Fund Charters (see below). Further information on our position on a range of sectors can be viewed at the bottom of this webpage.

Learn more about Alphinity’s commitment to investing responsibly.

The Alphinity Global Sustainable Equity Fund (Managed Fund) (ASX: XASG) is now available on the ASX, discover more here.