Buy Hold Sell: The hottest global stocks for 2022

This article/video was produced by Livewire Markets and published on 31 January 2022.

Investing in global stocks opens up a world of opportunities, literally. For instance, the MSCI World Index returned an impressive 22.35% last year, while your top 10 global stock picks for 2021 pulled in a respectable 14.59% (outperforming both your Aussie large and small-cap favourites, and by a long shot).

Livewire’s readers aren’t sticklers for change, it seems. Only Disney and NIO fell out of favour with investors this year, replaced by semiconductor companies Nvidia and ASML.

But they say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. After all, most of these stocks have enormous market caps, and they grew that large for a reason.

In this episode, Livewire’s David Thornton makes his Buy Hold Sell debut alongside Alphinity Investment Management’s Mary Manning and T. Rowe Price’s Sam Ruiz. They analyse the hottest global stocks of 2022, and also share how they are positioning their portfolios to take advantage of the major thematic Livewire readers said they would be allocating to over the year ahead; decarbonisation.

Note: This episode of Buy Hold Sell was shot on Monday 24 January 2022.