Assessing Responsible AI through an ESG lens

Since the launch of ChatGPT, investment in generative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, products, solutions, and services has exploded around the world. Possibilities to improve processes or build entirely new products are everywhere. But all this potential comes with important risks that need to be managed.

Investors have a crucial role to play in shaping Australia’s RAI (Responsible Artificial Intelligence) ecosystem, yet there is a lack of established guidance for investors to navigate this rapidly evolving space. That’s why we have joined forces with Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO. Driven by market need, we are developing an expert-led framework to support stronger integration of AI-related risks and opportunities into investment practices.

The goal of our research partnership is to equip ourselves and other investors with the knowledge and skills they need to:

  • Understand the AI state of play and how companies can integrate responsible AI (RAI) successfully into existing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategies and across their business,
  • assess RAI practices within companies, guided by a unique framework that is built upon existing ESG foundations,
  • advance RAI leadership in industry, and push for meaningful, standardised company disclosures.

Download the brochure, which provides a mid-project snapshot. Read on to learn our top three key insights for investors following 30 company interviews across a range of industries.

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