About Alphinity

Alphinity is an active, boutique, equities investment manager based in Sydney and majority owned by its staff. Alphinity has dedicated experienced teams managing both Australian and global equity funds. The company was established in 2010 with its founding partners having managed Australian investment funds together on the same basis since the early 2000s, providing extensive industry experience and a strong track record of managing equities portfolios through a variety of market conditions. In 2015, Alphinity expanded to include a highly experienced and dedicated global investment team applying the same philosophy and process to the large set of investment opportunities outside of Australia.

Our aim is simple and effective: to give our clients superior and sustainable performance by identifying and investing in attractively valued, quality companies in or about to enter an earnings upgrade cycle. Simply, we invest in companies experiencing positive earnings surprise.

We identify these companies using a distinctive combination of fundamental analysis and specific quantitative inputs.

What Makes Us Different

Our boutique ownership structure results in a powerful alignment between our fund managers and the objectives of investors in our funds – the success of Alphinity is therefore reliant on the success we can bring our clients. Furthermore, by outsourcing business management, distribution, administration and compliance services to Fidante, it allows us to focus solely on investing and adding value to our clients.

Here at Alphinity, we have:

  • a well-defined investment philosophy with a sole focus on investing in quality undervalued companies in an earnings upgrade cycle;
  • a distinctive, disciplined and rigorous research process  – a truly unique partnership between detailed analyst-driven fundamental research and targeted quantitative research inputs;
  • highly experienced, accomplished and cohesive investment teams;
  • a business structure which strongly aligns the objectives of our investors with our investment staff; and
  • local and global analysts and portfolio managers based in one location in Sydney.


Our Name

Alphinity was chosen as the name of our company to represent the “continuous pursuit of performance”. It captures our focus on long term, consistent performance for clients, and aptly describes our desire to continuously research and uncover the best investment ideas for our portfolios.

“Alpha” is a financial term used to describe the out-performance of an investment.

Our Partner

Fidante forms long term alliances with talented investment teams to support and grow specialist investment management businesses. Through these strategic partnerships, Fidante is able to provide investors with some of the world’s most compelling investment strategies.

Providing a broad range of integrated services to Alphinity Investment Management, Fidante frees up the Alphinity team to focus on what it does best; investing and managing assets.

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