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February 2017

Bruce discusses the year ahead in the Australian share market.
date: 15/02/2017 source: Alphinity

November 2016

Johan summarises the key themes in the Australian equity market in 2016 and discusses if they will continue in 2017.
date: 13/12/2016 source: Alphinity

October 2016

Stephane shares his latest thoughts on Resources post a recent trip to China
date: 11/11/2016 source: Alphinity

September 2016

Shane Kelly talks about the factors behind the recent under performance of the listed Aged Care stocks in the Australian Market.
date: 14/10/2016 source: Alphinity

August 2016

As some of the crowded trades in the market start to roll over this quarter, Andrew has a look at the importance of valuation in investing rather than focusing on growth or defensiveness alone.
date: source: Alphinity

July 2016

Bruce Smith discusses the outlook for Woolworths in light of recent announcements and performance
date: 11/08/2016 source: Alphinity

June 2016

Johan Carlberg talks about why Alphinity has moved overweight resources in the context of the market and other portfolio opportunities.
date: 19/07/2016 source: Alphinity

May 2016

Stephane Andre takes a look at the commodities market post his recent trip to China
date: 15/06/2016 source: Alphinity

April 2016

Andrew uses ANZ to have a look at stock price reactions to news that can sometimes be counterintuitive to expectations
date: 15/05/2016 source: Alphinity

March 2016

Shane discusses his recent trip to the US focusing on the housing sector and also the recent rotation in factors driving stock returns.
date: 18/04/2016 source: Alphinity

February 2016

Bruce discusses the latest company reporting season and puts it in context of the recent volatile market conditions.
date: 18/03/2016 source: Alphinity

January 2016

Stephane shares his thoughts on where we are in the oil cycle and what to expect going forward
date: 17/02/2016 source: Alphinity

November 2015

Johan has a look at some of the current themes in the market and how they look going into 2016
date: 15/12/2015 source: Alphinity

October 2015

Shane Kelly shares his thoughts on the current trends and outlook for the healthcare sector.
date: 17/11/2015 source: Alphinity

September 2015

Earnings momentum is king. Andrew takes a look at a few of the funds top performing stocks in the last quarter.
date: 15/10/2015 source: Alphinity

August 2015

Bruce talks about the outcome of the recent reporting season.
date: 11/09/2015 source: Alphinity

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