Who we are

As a boutique, active, core Australian equities investment manager, our aim is simple and effective:

To identify opportunities across market cycles and invest in companies with underestimated forward earnings expectations. We identify these companies using a distinctive combination of fundamental analysis and quantitative inputs. 

Together, our team has extensive industry experience and a strong track record of managing Australian equities in a variety of market conditions.

What makes us different

Our unique business model provides us with many key advantages. By providing a broad range of integrated services to Alphinity Investment Management, Fidante Partners frees up the Alphinity investment team to focus on what it does best; investing and managing assets. 

Here at Alphinity, we have;

  • A well-defined investment philosophy
  • A distinctive, disciplined and rigorous research process - with a true partnership between fundamental and quantitative research inputs
  • A highly experienced, accomplished and cohesive investment team
  • A business structure which strongly aligns the objectives of our investors with our investment staff.  


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