Monthly Webcasts

June 2020
New opportunities in the global fund

Jonas Palmqvist discusses the eventful year in markets and what new opportunities he sees in the Alphinity Global Equity Fund.

June 2020
Banks after the Bounce

Andrew Martin discusses banks in the context of the current market situation.

May 2020
Opportunities in Australian property

Bruce Smith discusses the turmoil in property securities this year and how we’ve positioned the portfolios.

April 2020
Global outlook and review of Q1 2020

Lachlan MacGregor provides a review of global markets during the first quarter of 2020.

April 2020
Q1 Review and investment update

Stuart Welch provides a review of markets during the first quarter and gives an investment update on the positioning of the Alphinity Funds.

March 2020
Investing through the volatility

Jeff Thomson discusses investing through the volatility and provides an update on the Global Fund.

March 2020
Volatility update

Andrew Martin discusses Alphinity’s current thoughts on the recent market volatility and how they are approaching the sell down and uncertainty.

February 2020
Global Equity 2020 outlook

Jonas Palmqvist discusses the global equity outlook for 2020.

January 2020
Australian Equity 2020 outlook

Johan Carlberg reviews last year's equity markets and looks ahead in 2020.

December 2019
LNG sector update

Stephane Andre shares his findings about the LNG sector following a recent trip to Asia and provides an outlook for 2020.

October 2019
Impact of QE on Australia

Johan Carlberg discusses the prospect of quantitative easing coming to Australia and what this means for investors.

September 2019
Reporting season insights

Andrew Martin discusses the recent Earnings Season and how Alphinity’s stocks performed.

July 2019
Australian Healthcare sector update

Stuart Welch shares his insights from the Australian Healthcare sector.

June 2019
Australian property sector update

Bruce Smith shares his insights on the Australian property sector.

May 2019
Sustainable Share Fund update

Stephane and Andy discuss how they are using the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Alphinity Sustainable Share Fund's approach to investing in mining companies.

April 2019
Banking sector update

Banks have been struggling. Are they cheap enough yet? Andrew shares his outlook.

March 2019
Global update

Lachlan MacGregor shares insights from his recent trip to the US West Coast to visit some of the world's biggest tech companies.

March 2019
Reporting season review

Johan discusses the results of February reporting season and drivers of the recent market rally.

December 2018
Global update

Jonas and Andy discuss the global market drivers for the December quarter.

December 2018
Healthcare sector review in volatile markets

Stuart takes a look at the Healthcare sector and how it stacks up in a volatile market environment.

October 2018
Resources and Energy sectors market sell-off

Stephane shares his latest views on the Resources and Energy sectors post the recent market sell-off.

September 2018
Impacts of the falling A$

Andrew looks at the recently falling A$ and the impact on Australia and equity investments.

July 2018
Year in review

Johan looks at what has been driving earnings growth in FY18 and how expectations look for the new financial year.

May 2018
Investment case for Qantas

Stuart runs through the investment case for Qantas

April 2018
China insights and near term outlook on resources

Stephane shares some insights from his most recent trip to China and his near term outlook on resources.

March 2018
Don't cut the flowers and water the weeds

Andrew discusses some winners we are letting run.

February 2018
The entry of Amazon

Bruce discusses the entry of the retail disruptor, Amazon, to the Australian market and a listed beneficiary in the portfolio.

December 2017
Equity market recap

Johan takes a look at what drove equity markets in 2017 and what will be the key issues in the year ahead.

November 2017
Stephane Andre's recent trip to China

Stephane’s been to China. He’s come back thinking the outlook remains positive for Resources.

October 2017
CSL Healthcare sector spotlight

Stuart Welch takes a look at CSL. The bad Australian influenza season bodes well for the turnaround of their Seqirus business.

September 2017
Reporting season recap

Andrew discusses Alphinity's strong reporting season overall and has a look at some of the disappointers.

August 2017
Introducing Stuart Welch

Bruce Smith introduces Stuart Welch, the new Senior Research Analyst at Alphinity.

June 2017
Narrowing yield trade

Johan looks at the narrowing yield trade in the Australian market. Stocks are not bonds.

May 2017
Outlook for oil prices

Stephane discusses his current view on the oil price and implications following a recent trip into the heart of the US shale oil region.

April 2017
Housing construction

Shane takes a look at the current housing construction cycle in Australia compared to previous cycles and how this impacts construction materials companies.

March 2017
Reporting season recap

Andrew discusses the outcome of the recent reporting season and how the portfolio is positioned coming out of it, as well as some quick thoughts on the resources trade.

February 2017
Outlook for 2017

Bruce discusses the year ahead in the Australian share market.

December 2016
Year in review

Johan summarises the key themes in the Australian equity market in 2016 and discusses whether they will continue in 2017.