Monthly Webcasts

March 2017
Reporting season recap

Andrew discusses the outcome of the recent reporting season and how the portfolio is positioned coming out of it, as well as some quick thoughts on the resources trade.

February 2017
Outlook for 2017

Bruce discusses the year ahead in the Australian share market.

December 2016
Year in review

Johan summarises they key themes in the Australian equity market in 2016 and discusses whether they will continue in 2017.

November 2016
Resources update

Stephane shares his latest thoughts on Resources post a recent trip to China.

October 2016
Aged Care Underperformance

Shane talks about the factors behind the recent underperformance of the listed Aged Care stocks in the Australian market.

September 2016
The importance of valuation

As some of the crowded trades in the market start to roll over this quarter, Andrew has a look at the importance of valuation in investing rather than focusing on growth or defensiveness alone.