Shane Kelly

Research Analyst
19 years experience
Areas of specialty: Building Materials, Quantitative Analysis, Risk

Shane has responsibility for all quantitative models and quantitative investment research, as well as applying his extensive risk management experience across the portfolio. On the fundamental research front, Shane covers the Building Materials sector. He was previoulsy Alphinity’s Senior Trader and remains one of our back-up dealers.

Shane previously worked with the other four members of Alphinity for the AllianceBernstein Australian Equities team as Quantitative Analyst, as well as Risk Manager for a number of years. Prior to that, Shane spent almost eight years in various roles with M&G Investment Management in the UK including Equities Portfolio Strategist, Head of Performance (equities) and Senior Performance and Risk Analyst.

Before joining M&G, Shane worked as a Performance Analyst with Prudential Portfolio Managers in Australia and with Prudential New Zealand as an Investment Analyst.

Shane holds a Masters in Applied Finance from FINSIA, a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration from the University of Victoria (NZ) and an Investment Management Certificate (UK).