Alphinity Sustainable Share Fund

The Alphinity Sustainable Share Fund provides a diversified portfolio of Australian stocks listed on the ASX that have strong Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) characteristics and, where possible, contribute towards the advancement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) agenda.

Fund Facts

Investment objective To outperform the benchmark after costs and over rolling five year periods
Benchmark S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index
Stocks held in the portfolio 35-55
Minimum investment timeframe At least five years

The Alphinity Sustainable Share Fund is available on the ASX mFund platform.

From inception to 29 March 2018, the Fund was named Alphinity Socially Responsible Share Fund.

Alphinity's Approach to Sustainable Investing

Society faces significant challenges to achieve sustainable development. Alphinity aims, through this specialised fund, to play a role in helping to address these challenges.

We are committed to supporting those companies we believe do good and avoiding those we believe don’t. We seek companies which, along with offering attractive financial returns, rank well on ESG metrics and/or have the capacity to make a positive impact on society in areas of economic, environmental and social development by contributing towards the advancement of the UN SDG agenda, as that agenda evolves.

We avoid companies that are involved in activities we consider harmful to society and are inconsistent with the achievement of the Goals, and/or display poor practices in their management of ESG issues.

Using Alphinity’s investment philosophy and process, we combine Fundamental and Quantitative research to assess stocks to ensure that they are quality, undervalued companies in or about to enter an earnings upgrade cycle.

The result is a balanced portfolio of 35-55 companies with attractive investment fundamentals and prospects. We do not identify with any particular investment ‘style’ as our approach has proven successful through a number of different market cycles, although our process will typically have a slight bias towards growth.

For more detail on the portfolio construction process, please refer to the Sustainable Share Fund Flyer.

A Signatory of the United Nation's Backed Principles for Responsible Investment

Alphinity is a signatory of the United Nations-backed Principles for Responsible Investment. We have long adhered to these principles as sound practice when managing money and supporting it reflects our desire to promote them as a matter of good corporate governance. Find out more about the Principles for Responsible Investment by visiting: