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July 2015

Shane Kelly looks at some of the factors that may drive stock prices during the upcoming reporting season.
date: 20/07/2015 source: Alphinity

June 2015

Stephane runs through some of his findings from a recent trip to China and some thoughts on iron ore.
date: 22/06/2015 source: Alphinity

May 2015

Johan Carlberg discusses the recent strong performance of stocks with high dividend yields and looks at whether investing in these type of stocks is a suitable long term strategy.
date: 25/05/2015 source: Alphinity

April 2015

Andrew Martin has a look at the drivers behind the outperformance of the infrastructure sector.
date: 16/04/2015 source: Alphinity

March 2015

Bruce Smith talks about why supermarket retail stocks haven't been living up to their reputation as reliable investments.
date: 18/03/2015 source: Alphinity

January 2015

Shane Kelly reviews 2014 and looks at some of the key drivers that may influence the Australian equity market in 2015.
date: 20/01/2015 source: Alphinity

December 2014

Stephane Andre shares his views on the recent sharp decline in the Oil price as well as other Commodity prices and discusses the outlook for these over the coming year.
date: 17/12/2014 source: Alphinity

November 2014

With the fall in the Australian dollar, Johan Carlberg has a look at how that may affect the Australian equity market going forward.
date: 18/11/2014 source: Alphinity

October 2014

Andrew Martin has a look at the banks given their pullback over the last few months.
date: 17/10/2014 source: Alphinity

September 2014

As AGM season approaches Bruce Smith takes a look at Alphinity's approach to corporate governance and acting on behalf of client's interests.
date: 24/09/2014 source: Alphinity

August 2014

Stephane Andre shares his views on the Brent Oil price and how it impacts investment decisions in the Energy sector.
date: 14/08/2014 source: Alphinity

July 2014

Shane Kelly looks at some of the unique characteristics of the current Australian housing cycle and the implications this has on Building Materials companies.
date: 21/07/2014 source: Alphinity

June 2014

Johan Carlberg reflects on the current low volatility and low valuation dispersion that characterises the equity market and what that means for investors.
date: 18/06/2014 source: Alphinity

May 2014

Andrew has a look at the bank sector share price drivers post the half year bank reporting season.
date: 16/05/2014 source: Alphinity

April 2014

Bruce Smith talks about the current state of the US economy and the implications this has for equity markets in general.
date: 16/04/2014 source: Alphinity

March 2014

Stephane shares his thoughts on what is driving the increased resource sector earnings growth this FY, and on how sustainable that growth may be.
date: 13/03/2014 source: Alphinity

February 2014

Johan Carlberg discusses the earnings growth outlook for Australian stocks in 2014.
date: 19/02/2014 source: Alphinity

January 2014

Shane Kelly reviews 2013 and looks at some of the key drivers that may influence the Australian equity market in 2014.
date: 20/01/2014 source: Alphinity

December 2013

Andrew gives a quick summary of his recent US research trip and some thoughts on the risk of picking turn-arounds.
date: 17/12/2013 source: Alphinity

November 2013

Bruce Smith talks about the current dynamics of the Australian residential property market in this month's webcast.
date: 15/11/2013 source: Alphinity

October 2013

Stephane Andre shares his thoughts on the Resources and Energy sectors on back of his latest trip to China.
date: 15/10/2013 source: Alphinity

September 2013

Gavin Butt, Senior Business Development Manager at Fidante Partners, interviews Johan Carlberg, Lead Portfolio Manager at Alphinity, about the recent reporting season and related market outlook implications.
date: 16/09/2013 source: Alphinity

August 2013

Andrew Martin provides his comments on the current market environment and gives some insight into the types of things Alphinity look for in companies operating in an uncertain and low growth economy.
date: 14/08/2013 source: Alphinity

July 2013

Shane Kelly looks at the recent rapid decline in the Australian dollar and highlights how we view currency in our portfolio construction and stock selection process.
date: 18/07/2013 source: Alphinity

June 2013

Johan Carlberg has a quick discussion about current market volatility and an enduring theme in the market and Alphinity portfolios: Quality.
date: 19/06/2013 source: Alphinity

May 2013

Bruce Smith takes a quick look at some of the consumer stock winners in a tough environment for the sector as a whole.
date: 20/05/2013 source: Alphinity

April 2013

Stephane Andre gives an update on the commodities sector including feedback from a recent trip to China.
date: 19/04/2013 source: Alphinity

March 2013

Andrew Martin has a look at the recent reporting season and draws some conclusions about the current market rally and future direction.
date: 18/03/2013 source: Alphinity

February 2013

Shane Kelly provides some insight into the key drivers behind recent equity market performance from a quantitative perspective and looks at whether these can continue into 2013.
date: 20/02/2013 source: Alphinity

January 2013

Johan Carlberg looks back on a year of strong equity returns in 2012 and discusses what to expect for 2013.
date: 18/01/2013 source: Alphinity

December 2012

Bruce Smith shares his insights into property stocks after a recent trip to Japan and China.
date: 20/12/2012 source: Alphinity

November 2012

Andrew shares his thoughts on a recent Asia research trip where he met with local and global financial services companies.
date: 21/11/2012 source: Alphinity

October 2012

Stephane Andre shares his thoughts from his latest research trip to China and provides his views on what the implications are for commodities.
date: 23/10/2012 source: Alphinity

September 2012

Johan Carlberg takes a look at current market drivers and draws some conclusions from the recent company reporting season.
date: 14/09/2012 source: Alphinity

July 2012

Bruce Smith looks at developments in the world's largest gambling market, Macau, and the implications for Alphinity's portfolio.
date: 25/07/2012 source: Alphinity

June 2012

Research Analyst, Shane Kelly, provides some quick insights from his recent research trip to the US and Canada where he meet with a number of companies primarily in the Building Materials and Resources sectors.
date: 22/06/2012 source: Alphinity

May 2012

Given the recent strong share price pressure across Resources & Energy stocks, Stephane Andre shares his latest thoughts on these sectors, with some select opportunities emerging.
date: 28/05/2012 source: Alphinity

April 2012

Andrew Martin gives a quick summary of the teams various offshore research trips through US, Europe and Asia recently, as well as having a closer look at the general insurance sector.
date: 13/04/2012 source: Alphinity

March 2012

Dario Conte, Challenger's business development manager interviews Alphinity's lead portfolio manager, Johan Carlberg on key themes from the December 2011 reporting season.
date: 12/03/2012 source: Alphinity

February 2012

Johan Carlberg, Lead Portfolio Manager discusses the reasons behind the Australian equity market rally in January, opportunities and risks as we head into the Australian company reporting season.
date: 27/02/2012 source: Alphinity

January 2012

Shane Kelly, Alphinity's quantitative analyst, provides a quick recap of 2011 from a quantitative and thematic perspective as a guide to 2012.
date: 25/01/2012 source: Alphinity

December 2011

Portfolio Manager Bruce Smith looks at the Australian retail environment heading into the end of 2011.
date: 20/12/2011 source: Alphinity

November 2011

Stephane Andre talks about the economic activity in China and India and the implications for commodity prices following a recent research trip.
date: 24/11/2011 source: Alphinity

October 2011

Andrew Martin gives some quick thoughts on the current state of the market as well the energy sector following a recent trip to Queensland coal fields.
date: 27/10/2011 source: Alphinity

September 2011

Johan Carlberg discusses the uncertainty we're seeing in the US and Europe and the opportunities currently present in the Australian market. View the full presentation under 'research and presentations'.
date: 23/09/2011 source: Alphinity

July 2011

Andrew Martin shares his observations on the economic environment and bank regulatory outlook in the US, UK and Europe following a recent research trip.
date: 18/07/2011 source: Alphinity

June 2011

Following a recent trip to China and Mongolia, Stephane Andre discusses the state of the region and shares his views on commodities.
date: 3/06/2011 source: Alphinity

May 2011

Portfolio Manager Bruce Smith looks at the "urge to demerge" seemingly under way in the Australian market.
date: 19/05/2011 source: Alphinity

April 2011

Lead Portfolio Manager Johan Carlberg discusses his view on the state of the US economy and investment markets after his recent trip.
date: 15/04/2011 source: Alphinity

March 2011

Portfolio Manager Andrew Martin shares Alphinity's view on the current market environment.
date: 11/03/2011 source: Alphinity

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